Helsinki’s statues and monuments

Three Smiths

The city of Helsinki is the home of numerous statues and monuments, which teach us about the history and the culture of the city. Most of these works can be found in and around the center, near the main landmarks. Starting at the busiest tourist attraction, Helsinki’s harbor, you can find the fountain of Havis Amanda. The statue of the nude female mermaid was sculpted in Paris in 1906. The sculpture was intended to symbolize […]

The World Federation for the Deaf

Sign language

Every language is a culture in itself, what has been called a “languaculture.” Like each languaculture in different nations and societies, there’s also a usually unnoticed but very strongly present worldwide deaf culture and Sign Language. The cohesive representing body for Sign Language is the World Federation for the Deaf (WFD), and their international headquarters is right here in Helsinki.

Visiting a Krishna temple in Helsinki

Krishna Temple

As I don’t normally associate Indian-Subcontinental religions with Northern European countries, when I found out that there’s an Iskcon temple in Helsinki (part of a sub-branch of Hinduism particularly dedicated to the god Krishna), I had to go check it out for myself.

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Helsinki’s modern art museum is architecturally one of the most interesting buildings in Helsinki and can be found right in the center near the Helsinki Central Railway Station. More than three million people visited Kiasma in 2011, and it’s one of the must see places for anyone interested in art and culture. Kiasma opened in 1998. The building was designed by the renowned architect Steven Holl. The name of the museum is derived from the […]

Helsinki Samba Carnival

Samba Carnival in Helsinki

Every summer since 1991, the world-class Helsinki Samba Carnaval has filled the streets of Finland’s capital with excitement and delight. Similar to Rio’s world-famous Carnival, this event is Europe’s largest Samba festival. Approximately 25,000 people attend the Helsinki Samba Carnaval each year. The parade features performing groups, dancers and musicians from around Finland. Some of the entertainers include a children’s group, skilled Samba dancers and a percussion section. Each group of entertainers is called by […]

Havis Amanda

Havis Amanda

Helsinki’s Havis Amanda is a beautiful bronze statue of a nude mermaid rising out of a granite fountain. According to the statue’s sculptor, Ville Vallgren, the mermaid represents the birth of Helsinki and the city’s rise from the sea. Vallgren crafted this masterpiece in Paris in 1906, and it was erected in Helsinki’s Market Square in 1908. The name Havis Amanda was given to the mermaid by Swedish newspapers and Vallgren shortly after the statue’s […]

Uspenski Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral

The largest Orthodox church in western Europe is the Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki. Resting on a hillside that overlooks the South Harbor as well as the city, this cathedral was built in the mid-1800s. Alexey Gornostaev, a renowned Russian architect, designed the church but passed away before seeing his vision come to life. During the time that the cathedral was being built, Finland belonged to the Russian Empire. A plaque on the back of the […]

Unique Lapland – Experience Lapland in Helsinki

You can ride with huskies in Unique Lapland

It is possible to experience all of the fun that winter has to offer without ever leaving Helsinki. Unique Lapland is an indoor sports hall that is filled with artificial snow and ice. The temperature inside Unique Lapland is always just under freezing; ensuring guests will enjoy a wonderful, chilly adventure. Unique Lapland’s visitors can test their winter driving skills with snowmobiles or experience thrills with the facility’s toboggans. Guests who love animals will love […]

Daytrip to Porvoo


Sometimes living in or visiting a large city can be overwhelming. Helsinki residents and tourists can visit nearby Porvoo to escape from the hectic pace of modern life. Porvoo seamlessly blends the past with the present and attracts visitors from around the world. Porvoo was first settled in the 13th century, making it Finland’s second-oldest city. One of the town’s most unique features is the fact that the town is bilingual, with many residents speaking […]

Parliament House

Parliament House

Helsinki’s grand Parliament House has been a part of the city’s landscape since 1931. One of the reasons the Parliament House is so noticeable is because of its position on Arcadia Hill. Town planners originally wanted to build a group of public buildings on the hill, but their plans never made it off paper. Instead, Parliament House stands alone on Arcadia Hill. Construction on this imposing building started in 1926, and took only five years […]