Heureka Science Center


Helsinki’s Heureka Science Center opened in 1989 with the purpose of making scientific knowledge accessible to everyone. Guests should plan on spending at least three hours exploring Heureka’s exhibits. There are more than 200 exhibits in the permanent collection, not including the planetarium. Heureka also regularly hosts two temporary exhibitions. In order to serve visitors from around the world, exhibit texts are translated into Finnish, Swedish and English. One of the most-visited exhibitions at the […]

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Helsinki’s modern art museum is architecturally one of the most interesting buildings in Helsinki and can be found right in the center near the Helsinki Central Railway Station. More than three million people visited Kiasma in 2011, and it’s one of the must see places for anyone interested in art and culture. Kiasma opened in 1998. The building was designed by the renowned architect Steven Holl. The name of the museum is derived from the […]

Seurasaari Open-Air Museum

Old Finnish house in Seurasaari

Seurasaari is a small, uninhabited island near Helsinki. Locals and tourists from around the world flock to Seurasaari to enjoy the quiet, peaceful atmosphere. Seurasaari is densely forested and is home to many varieties of wildlife. Hares, birds and red squirrels are just a few of the animals that live on the island. People also travel to Seurasaari to enjoy the nude beach, the midsummer bonfire and the outdoor museum. The Seurasaari Open-Air Museum was […]



Helsinki’s Ateneum is home to Finland’s largest collection of classical art. The museum is located opposite the Helsinki Central Railway Station in Rautatientori square. In the past, the building was home to the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts as well as Helsinki’s University of Art and Design. The building housing the museum is a work of art itself. Designed by Theodor Höijer in 1887, the building’s exterior is decorated with statues, reliefs and many symbolic […]

The Finnish Museum of Natural History

Museum of natural history

The Finnish Museum of Natural History is run by the University of Helsinki as an independent research institution. The museum is open year-round, with the exception of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The building is wheelchair-accessible and admission is free on Thursdays between 4 and 6 p.m. There are four permanent exhibitions in the Finnish Museum of Natural History; Story of the Bones, World Nature, The History of Life and Finnish Nature. Audio tours […]

The National Museum of Finland

Kansallismuseo - (c) by wstryder

The National Museum of Finland was constructed in Helsinki between 1905 and 1910. The building was designed by Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen and was officially inaugurated in 1916. A gas leak caused a small explosion in the museum’s Silver Room in January of 2006. Only slight damage was caused to the room and its displays. The Silver Room re-opened to visitors in the early part of 2007. The museum’s displays are spread […]