Flea markets in Helsinki

Fleamarkets in Helsinki (c) by nurpax

Fleamarkets in Helsinki (c) by nurpax

Helsinki is a very versatile city and offers something in every area, for everyone. Besides the famous landmarks and activities there are also quite a few flea markets in Helsinki, which are absolutely worth visiting.

Instead of just going to the main shopping streets, it is a real adventure visiting a flea market in Helsinki. You’ll find all kinds of small and big treasures which you can’t find in any store. Try spending one day for a trip to a local flea market, which will also guide you past some nice views in Helsinki.

Valtteri Flea Market

Hidden away inside a warehouse on Aleksis Kiven katu 17 is the Valtteri Flea market. During the week you can check out your products there like in a supermarket, but in the weekends people sell their stuff on a regular flea market where you can find all kinds of bargains. The huge hall holds hundreds of small stands which you can explore. During the summertime the flea market will continue outside. Entrance to the Valtteri flea market is free.

Hietalahti Flea Market

On the Hietalahti square in Helsinki you will find the Hietalahti flea market which is worth a visit for sure. Almost throughout the whole year you are welcomed to the nice market. The Hietalahti square can be found in front of the Hietalahti antique and art hall. Take your time and stroll through the many stalls of items.

Kaivarin Kanuuna Flea Market

When you ask someone from Helsinki to recommend a good flea market, you are likely to hear a lot of answers containing the Kaivarin Kanuuna flea market. You can find it on the Merikatu and is situated in the Kaivopuisto area, which is also very famous in Helsinki. It might be a great idea to combine visiting the flea market with going to Kaivopuisto, so you will have enough time left to do other stuff.

All of the flea markets are very good to reach by public transportation. There’s at least always a tram which will go past or near the flea markets, so you won’t have to worry walking a great distance with your purchases.

Even if you won’t find anything worth buying, it will still be a great trip in Helsinki. Try to break free from your planned tourist trip and try blending in with the local Helsinki people by visiting one of the above markets, which can be found in and around the center of Helsinki.

Flea markets in Helsinki on the map

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