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Go-karting is a wonderful way of enjoying competitive racing on a small budget, meeting friends and having a lot of fun.  Helsinki has several recreation centers that offer guests the chance to race go-karts with their friends and family.

Go-kart amusement centers usually allow guests to rent the go-karts for varying lengths of time instead of charging them for individual races. Like almost anything else that charges for admission, group rates are usually cheaper than the cost for individuals. The following venues are four of the best go-kart tracks in Helsinki.

VM Karting Center

VM Karting Center has one of the longest indoor kart tracks in the Nordic countries. The track is seven meters wide and 530 meters long. In addition to 300cc go-karts for adults, VM Karting offers 180cc cars for children and mini-motorbikes for licensed drivers over 16. VM Karting Center prides itself on safety, using guardrails and allowing only 12 cars on the track at once. Safety gear is required and available for each racer.

VM Karting Center does not use a petroleum-based gasoline in their vehicles. Instead, they use CO2 emission-free Ethanol, which is produced from plants. There will be no arguing over who won a race at VM Karting Center; lap times are recorded and printed out after each race.

VM Karting Center website

Kart’in Club

Helsinki’s Kart’in Club is outfitted with custom-designed, French SODI karts. These karts were made with comfort and safety in mind, and each counts a neck support among their safety features. Kart’in Club’s track has a design that allows it to be customized on short notice. The safety features of the track are flexible, which provides an added layer of protection during a collision.

Kart’in club website (Finnish only)

Formula Center Helsinki

Racers who are interested in a unique experience should visit Formula Center Helsinki. This venue is one of the world’s only underground go-kart tracks. Formula Center Helsinki maintains exceptionally high emission standards and uses a powerful ventilation system to ensure the center’s air is safe and breathable. Because Formula Center Helsinki is indoors and underground, it is open year-round.

Formula Center website (Finnish only)

Helsinki Karting Track

Outdoor karting is available at Helsinki Karting Track. Also called Helsingin Kartingrata, this track is closed during the winter months when it is covered with snow. The track is more than 1,000 meters long and varies between eight and 13 meters in width. Security cameras watch over Helsingin Kartingrata 24 hours a day. Prices at Helsinki Karting Track vary greatly, depending on whether the driver is using their own vehicle.

Helsinki Karting Track website

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