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Serena Water Park

Serena Water Park (c) by kallerna

Water parks are an ideal place to spend time while on a family vacation. Water parks are designed specifically to entertain people of all ages. Many have separate pools for their youngest guests to enjoy. Older kids and teenagers love the thrill they get from riding a waterslide. Tourists may not know it, but Helsinki is home to several wonderful water parks.

Serena Water Park

Finland’s largest water park boasts a tropical climate year-round. Serena is not in the city of Helsinki, but is only 20km away in Espoo. Locals and tourists alike flock to Serena every year to enjoy the bubble pools, children’s zone and spectacular sauna located in a cave. There are nine indoor and five outdoor waterslides at the Serena Water Park. Some of the park’s best-known rides are the Villivirta Rapids and the Black Hole slide.

During the winter months, Serena is transformed into a large skiing and skating center. Guests can dine at the Granina Cave Restaurant, located next to the water park, year-round. The restaurant serves snacks as well as hot meals. Several of Helsinki’s hotels offer packages that include tickets to Serena Water Park.

Hotels near Serena Water Park

Flamingo Spa Water Park

Opened in the fall of 2008, this water park is located inside Finland’s largest entertainment center. The entertainment center also houses a spa, bowling venue, first-class hotel, movie theater, restaurant, fitness center, arcade, shops and Scandinavia’s largest nightclub.

There are five waterslides and seven pools at the Flamingo Spa Water Park. The Attraction Pool features water and air massage points. The Sports Pool is reserved for water aerobics, swimming laps and ball games. Guests can test their courage at the Diving Pool’s three- and five-meter towers. Additional pools include the Flowing Water Channel, Children’s Pool, Jacuzzi and the Geyser.

Hotels near Flamingo Water Park

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