Gay clubs in Helsinki

DTM (Iso Roobertinkatu 27, 14-04 daily, club section opens 22 daily after which there is usually an entrance fee, is one of the largest gay clubs in Scandinavia, also incorporating a daytime bar with hot and cold drinks, pastries and magazines. De facto place to go for all genres of gay, but somewhat popular among straight partyers nowadays. Free wifi. Clientele: relatively young. Price level: specials during weekday evenings, otherwise average. UPDATE: DTM WILL CLOSE PERMANENTLY AT THE END OF 2011.

Hercules (Lönnrotinkatu 4, 21-04 daily, remains somewhat low-key, with its blacked out windows, even though it’s quite centrally located. A grade smaller than DTM, Hercules competes every night for the gay partygoers, and is generally considered somewhat more purely LGBT, and according to some people, slightly more hardcore. Hercules was briefly in the national spotlight for its cruising cabins and glory holes, both of which have since been removed. Clientele: average. Price level: excellent promotions during early evening, otherwise average.

K23 (Urho Kekkosen katu 5, 16-04 daily, is a relative newcomer to the party scene, still trying to find its niche. Inside the Kamppi shopping and transportation hub, K23 is easy to reach from anywhere, and its stated purpose is to be either the first or the last stop on your party night, but the actual effectiveness of the bar+club combination remains to be seen. Clientele: average. Price level: excellent promotions for the first and last opening hours, otherwise average.

Jenny Woo (Simonkatu 6, Monday 22-04, Wednesday-Thursday 23-04, Friday-Saturday 22-04, Sunday 22-04, with its ‘gay or straight, who cares’ slogan, has attempted to brand itself as a neo-tolerant, ultra-hip club, but factually remains an average, mostly straight, dance venue.Clientele: mostly straight. Price level: expensive. CLOSED PERMANENTLY.

Gay bars and cafes in Helsinki

Hugo’s Room (Iso Roobertinkatu 3, Monday-Saturday 12-02, Sunday 14-02, is a stylish and centrally located bar, which attempts to keep away the random straight partygoer, and instead provides a comfortable and somewhat intimate place for all LGBT people. Clientele: average. Price level: average.

Fairytale (Helsinginkatu 7, Monday-Friday 16-02, Saturday-Sunday 14-02, is a smallish, comfortable gay bar in the otherwise decadent and alcoholic district of Kallio. Free wifi. Clientele: somewhat older. Price level: cheap.

Mann’s Street (Mannerheimintie 12 A, 2nd floor, Sunday-Thursday 14-02, Friday-Saturday 14-04) is somewhat difficult to find, hidden in the second floor of an otherwise nondescript office building. Mann’s Street features a somewhat unique concept of a Finnish country-themed bear gay bar and karaoke venue. Clientele: exclusively bearish LGBT. Price level: average.

Fenix (Eerikinkatu 14, 14-02 daily, is a larger then average gay bar in central Helsinki. Clientele: somewhat older. Price level: excellent after work promotions, otherwise average.

Bear Park Cafe (Karhupuisto, only during summers) is a park café in the peaceful and somewhat off-beat park of Karhupuisto.

Kulmakahvio (Agricolankatu 13, Monday-Friday 07-20, Satuday 09-18, Sunday 10-18, is a cozy gay café in the immediate vicinity of and closely associated with the summertime Bear Park Café.

Nalle Pub (Kaarlenkatu 3, 15-02 daily) is a comfortable, neighbourhoodly gay bar in the district of Kallio. Clientele: slightly older and more bearish than average. Price level: average.

Gay shopping and cruising in Helsinki

US Video (Malminkatu 24, open 24 hours, is a combined erotic store, video rental and watching venue and a cruising place.

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