Reasonably priced hotels in Helsinki (2-3 stars)

Helsinki is quite expensive on European standards, but there are some options for reasonably priced, high-quality hotels in the central Helsinki area. Below are our picks if you are travelling on a limited budget.

Note that on average, Scandinavian hotels are much higher quality than those found in e.g. Southern Europe. Most 3-star Finnish hotels are comparable in quality to 4-star hotels in other parts of Europe.

Cumulus Kaisaniemi (Kaisaniemenkatu 7,  09 172 881, belongs to the Finnish chain Cumulus, and is particularly well located with regard to the nightlife hubs in Helsinki. From 80 EUR/room/night.

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Scandic Continental (Mannerheimintie 46, 09 47 371, right opposite the 4-star Crowne Plaza, boasts 512 rooms behind what appears a slightly Sovietish facade, but there’s nothing to complain about the interiors. From 100 EUR/room/night.

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Sokos Hotel Presidentti (Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4, 020 1234 608, is right next to the Kamppi Center and has 494 rooms. From 70 EUR/room/night.

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Omenahotelli ( has three hotels in the central Helsinki area. Their concept is unique: they have no reception, and access to rooms is by a keycode you can pick yourself. Aside the slightly plasticky feeling, they provide the same comfort and security as any regular hotel. Also note that you are allowed to have up to 4 persons per room, if you are willing to cram in. From 45 EUR/room/night. Free wifi.

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