Skydiving in Helsinki


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Extreme sports enthusiasts and thrill seekers alike love skydiving. Experienced skydivers claim there is nothing that can compare to the rush of a brief free-fall or the beauty of a controlled descent.

Skydiving is much safer than most people think, with a fatality rate of around one in 10,000. To put the numbers into perspective, the odds of dying in a car crash are closer to one in 1,000.

People who want to skydive in Helsinki should contact the Parachuting Club of Finland. This non-profit organization was founded with the intention of promoting parachuting sports in the country. It is run mostly by volunteers with the assistance of one secretary. The Parachuting Club of Finland currently has around 500 members.

People do not have to belong to the Club in order to participate in their skydiving events. Between 400 and 500 people each year try tandem skydiving with one of the Club’s tandem jumpmasters. Another 50 to 100 people become licensed skydivers through courses offered by the Club. Men and women are both welcome to experience the rush of skydiving with the Parachuting Club of Finland.

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