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Ice swimming in Helsinki

Ice Swimming

Ice swimming, or avantouinti, is an extreme sport, enjoyed only by Helsinki’s bravest locals and tourists. Ice swimming is believed to rejuvenate the body, improve circulation and lower stress. If nothing else, visitors who plunge into frigid water after spending time in a hot sauna are guaranteed a memorable experience. Ice swimming may not be for everyone, but those who wish to try it have several options to choose from while visiting Helsinki. Kuusijärvi Recreation […]

Surviving the winter in Helsinki

Winter Helsinki

Finland is one of the coldest countries in the world during winters, and although Helsinki is in the south, the cold sea breeze makes a mere -10 °C feel surprisingly painful. In the middle of the winter the temperature can drop as low as -20 °C, making it a suicide to go out unprepared. Luckily we have a list prepared for you on how to overcome the winter in Finland: Right clothing If you’re not […]