The 6 most important things to do in Helsinki

Helsinki has many interesting and beautiful sights and attractions, but if you only have one day to spend, here’s what you should do:

Restaurant Zetor

Restaurant Zetor (c) by Kaja.A

Eat at a Finnish Restaurant. There are a few Finnish restaurants in Helsinki serving typical Finnish dishes. Zetor is one of them, a Finnish theme restaurant/bar in the heart of Helsinki. The atmosphere is typical countryside Finland, even a bit stereotypical with cows and tractors as decoration. They serve traditional Finnish foods here and you can taste something quite exotic, like reindeer.

Ravintola Zetor
Mannerheimintie 3-5, 00100 Helsinki
tel. +358 10 766 4450

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Arctic ice bar

Arctic ice bar (c) by xJason.Rogersx

Have a drink at an arctic ice bar. Experience warming drinks in the bar made of ice! Cover charge is 10 €, but it includes a warm jacket and mittens to keep you warm.

Arctic Icebar
Entrance from restaurant Popkellari
Yliopistonkatu 5, Helsinki
tel. +358 40 5454 666

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Sibelius monument

Sibelius monument (c) by Anosmia

See the Sibelius Monument. Made in the honour of the great Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. A true cliché for a tourist in Finland, a monument which not many Finns have even seen (mostly because of its remote location). Never the less, if there’s only one monument in Finland you need to see and take your picture in front of, this is it.You can find the monument in Sibeliuspuisto in Töölö. Best way to reach it is by bus 40, 42 or 63 from the Railway station (Elielinaukio side).

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Salmari (c) by ansik

Try salmari (salmiakkikossu). It’s salted liquorice with vodka, served ice-cold. This treat can be bought in practically any bar with alcohol licence. The taste is quite unique and can’t be explained, you have to experience it! You either love it or you hate it. If you’re not into alcohol, you can just buy Turkin Pippuri -candy from any grocery store, the taste is quite similar. With this candy, you can also make salmari yourself.

Go to a sauna. There are plenty of options, but the last traditional wood heated public sauna Kotiharjun sauna is right near the center in Töölö district.

Kotiharjun sauna

Harjutorinkatu 1, 00500 Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 753 1535
Open Tuesday–Saturday 14.00–20.00
12 € for adults, 8.50 € for students, 6 € for children 12–16-y.

You may also like to try ice swimming or a nice spa treatment

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna © by chadmiller


Tuomiokirkko (c) by jeaneeem

See Helsingin tuomiokirkko. The big white church (Helsinki Cathedral) which is in almost every single picture of the city, is practically the symbol of Helsinki and a must-see attraction for a tourist. It’s conveniently located in the center of the city in Senaatintori, so it’s very easy to reach.

Helsingin tuomiokirkko

Unioninkatu 29, 00170 Helsinki

This is only a mere fraction of what you can do in Helsinki, but you need more than a day if you want to see more! You can find detailed guides about shopping, bars and pubs, museums and much more on this site. Read on and hopefully you’ll have a wonderful time in Helsinki!

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