Tuska Open Air Metal Festival

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival (c) by Yareeh

Finland’s Tuska Open Air Metal Festival started in 1998 and will celebrate its fifteenth year this summer. It has increased in popularity every year and is now the largest music festival in the Nordic Countries to be dedicated solely to metal.

If past years are any indication, more than 30,000 people are expected to attend the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in 2012. The festival’s audience was not always so large. In 2000, the first year records were kept, there were approximately 5,000 people in the crowd. Some of the bands that performed during the festival’s early years include Babylon Whores, Gorgoroth, Throne of Chaos, Diablo and Metal Gods.

In 2001, the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival’s attendance ballooned to 10,000. By 2010, the festival had expanded to three days and had more than 33,000 visitors. The festival started featuring more popular bands as it grew in size. Machine Head, Type O Negative, In Flames, Megadeth and Immortal are some of the best-known bands to have performed at the festival.

Beginning June 29 and ending July 1, 2012’s Tuska Open Air Metal Festival may be the biggest yet. This year’s early lineup includes Ministry, Swallow the Sun, Overkill, Skeletonwitch and Profane Omen among many others. The chosen venue in Suvilahti can host a total of 50 bands on four stages.

Information regarding ticket sales is available on the festival’s website.

Amon Amarth playing in Tuska 2011

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2012 on the map

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